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ID : 5465

Preparation of Hardware

To create a system that uses Compliance function with Force sensor, you need to prepare a force sensor, a cable to connect a force sensor, and other force sensor-related items as needed, in addition to the DENSO ROBOT-related items.
The following describes necessary items other than DENSO ROBOT and its options.

Overview of Force Sensor

Among DynPick WEF-6A series (manufactured by WACOH-TECH Inc.), the following models are available for the Compliance function with Force sensor.

Model /External view Connector case (*1) Rated load Installation diagram
Translational force [N] Moment [Nm]


Not equipped ±200 ±4 refer to (PDF:157KB)


Equipped refer to (PDF:158KB)


±500 ±10


±1000 ±30 refer to (PDF:157KB)

Common Specification

Detection axis
Translational force: Fx Fy Fz
Moment: Mx My Mz
Power supply voltage [V]
5 to 24

*1: A connector case allows the connection direction of the sensor connector to turn into the sensor's circuit direction.

*2: For detailed information about the force sensor Dyn-Pick, refer to the user's manual of "Capacitive 6-axis force sensor WEF-6A series" manufactured by WACOH-TECH Inc.

For information about the user's manual of force sensor, please contact to WACOH-TECH Inc. .

Periodically check the force sensor.

System Configuration

The following image shows the system configuration.

Only when the robot is VS-series having a communication interface flange-A, you can use the internal wiring of the robot as a wiring between a robot controller and a force sensor.

For details, please refer to "Cable Connection Using an Internal Wiring".

Components /
Manufacturer /Model(Part number)

(1) Force sensor


  • Refer to Overview of Force Sensor of Preparation of Hardware.
This is a capacitive force sensor, Dyn-Pick.
Select a force sensor according to your application.

(2) Force sensor mounting stay

(made by customer)

A stay for fixing a force sensor to the end of the robot arm.
For details, refer to "How to Install a Force Sensor".

(3) Tool

(selected by customer)

Select a tool according to your application.

(4) Tool mounting stay

(made by customer)

A stay for fixing a tool to the force sensor.
When you create a stay, please refer to the Installation Diagram on Overview of Force sensor of Preparation of Hardware.

The following two devices are available for the Force sensor and robot controller connection.

(5-1) RS-422A communication board


1ch type
2ch type
4ch type

(Either of them are PCI boards.)

Insert this board into the expansion slot of the robot controller for use.
There are two board types: 1ch type and 2ch type. For normal application, select 1ch type. If an RS-422A communication is used for other application than the Force sensor, select 2ch type or 4ch type.

RS-422A communication board needs arrangement before use. Please refer to "RS-422A Communication Board Setting".

This board cannot be used together with any other PCI board.(Example: Electric gripper control board, paralell I/O board, EtherCAT master board) A PCI Express board can be used together.(Example: CC-Link remote device board, EtherNet/IP adapter board, PROFIBUS slave board)

(5-2) RS-422A Micro converter



(This device requires robot controller software version 2.5.* or higher.)

Connect this converter to a USB connector of robot controller.

You need to perform necessary settings on this RS-422A micro converter before use. Refer to How to Use RS-422A Micro Converter for details.

If this product is subjected to strong noise, Force sensor communication-related errors may occur.
In this case, take any measures for noise reduction with reference to Noise Reduction When Using RS-422A Micro Converter.

(6) Power supply (24VDC)

(selected by customer)

A power supply to supply electricity to the force sensor. Connect two lines (red and black lines) of a force sensor and RS-422A communication board cable.
The following shows power supply specification for all force sensors.

Maximum power consumption
Startup waiting time
Within one second.

For detailed information, please refer to the user's manual of DynPick Capacitive 6-axis force sensor WEF-6A series.

For about user's manual of force sensor, please contact to WACOH-TECH Inc.

Be careful not to connect a red line (+24V) and a black line (0V) incorrectly as this may result in damage to the force sensor.

(7) Software license for Compliance function with Force sensor


Compliance function-activated
License only
This is a DENSO product.
A license to enable the Compliance function with Force sensor.
There are two options: "Compliance function-activated" and "License only".
"Compliance function-activated" targets a newly purchased robot set. Ordering this option with a robot set will activate the Compliance function with force sensor before shipment. Please order this option with a robot set.
"License only" targets a robot set that has been shipped without "Compliance function-activated" option. To use this function with such robot set, please order "License only". If you order "License only", you need to activate the Compliance function with force sensor on your robot controller.
For about how to activate the function, please refer to "Activation of the Compliance Function with Force Sensor".

(8) Force sensor and RS-422A communication board cable



A cable to connect an RS-422A communication device (RS422-A communication board or RS-422A micro converter) and 24VDC regulated power supply to a force sensor.
Select any cable length according to your application.

ID : 5465

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