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Item RC7M Controller Protective Box
Protective box model FB-11
Applicable controller RC7M Controller (The controller equipped with an I/O conversion box is also applicable.)
Power cable 410141-3570 (used for the global type) recommended
Environmental conditions In operation Temperature 0 to 40°
Relative humidity 90% or less (No condensation)
In storage or during transportation Temperature -10 to 60°
Relative humidity 75% or less (No condensation)
Degree of protection IP54
Weight Approx. 32kg
Heat exchanger Model DS5-2153B23-FB11 (manufactured by NIHON KAGAKU SANGYO CO., LTD)
Fans Internally and externally ventilation fans (US7556KX-TP manufactured by ROYAL ELECTRIC CO., LTD)
Cooling power 31W/K(temperature change 1° calculated value)
Power source Supplied from the controller power (Single-phase 200 VAC distributed on the terminal board)
Power consumption 80W (60Hz) / 72W (50Hz)
Rated current 0.54A (60Hz) / 0.46A (50Hz)