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Item Qty Item Qty
Robot unit 1 Robot controller 1
Power cable (5 m) 1 Manuals (“Manual Pack CD” and “Safety Precautions”) 1 set
WINCAPS III demo version 1 WINCAPS II demo version 1
Spare fuses for robot controller 3 Initialization floppy disk (1.44 MB format) (1) 1
Pendantless connector (Dummy connector) (not contained in UL-Listed robot systems) 1 Connector set for hand control signals (for CN20 and CN21) 1 set
Direction indicator label (2) 1 Warning label (3) 1
Spare output IC for robot controller 1 Dowel pins (internally threaded positioning pin and diamond-shaped pin) 1 set
Air regulator 1 Short sockets for robot controller 2
  1. Preserve the initialization floppy disk in a safe place. The disk contains arm data in WINCAPS II format. If a memory error appears on the teach pendant due to a memory failure, use the disk to load the arm data to the robot controller. (Refer to the INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE GUIDE, "Using the Initialization Floppy Disk.")
  2. After installation, attach the direction indicator label in a position on the robot unit that can be easily seen.
  3. Attach the warning label on the robot safety fence or other location where workers will easily notice it. If necessary, prepare a plate for attaching the seal.
  4. When placing an order for UL-Listed robot systems, be sure to order the optional teach pendant or mini-pendant also which is essential to UL-Listed ones.