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  • Allows PC control of robots and peripheral devices
  • Speeds up and reduces cost of development and integration
  • Simplifies operation and maintenance
  • Enables communication among devices from different vendors
  • Allows overall system monitoring
  • Uses common programming languages (Visual Basic® 6.0, Visual Basic® 2005, Visual C++ 6.0®, Visual C++ 2005®, Java, VBScript

ORiN (Open Robot/Resource Interface Network) connects devices and application software to a network via independent interfaces. Applications can be easily created for devices from any manufacturer.

  • New platform of a robot vision system integrated ORiN 2 with OpenCV.
  • Image Processing based on the consistent ORiN programming model, and improved Writing/Reading abilities of application programs.
  • With general purpose programming languages, such as VS. C++ or Script, the development of vision application is possible.
  • Equipped with Easy Camera Calibration Function and Interactive Vision Programming Tool.