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Data Sheets

RC8 > RC7 Differences List

List the differences between the RC8 PacScript and RC7 PAC commands
File Size: 98.86 KB (PDF)

RC8 Controller Data Sheet

2-page data sheet with features, specifications and dimensions.
File Size: 452.63 KB (PDF)

DENSO Robotics Catalog

52-page catalog contains information and technical specifications for our complete line of robots, robot controllers and software.
File Size: 10.08 MB (PDF)

Download Materials

RC8 OPC-UA Quick Guide

This quick guide will help you setup the OPC-UA server on the RC8 controller.
File Size: (ZIP) 533.62 KB

RC8 Conveyor Tracking - Quick Guide

This is a quick guide on how to setup and program a conveyor tracking application.
File Size: (PDF) 3.21 MB

PACScript EasyWork Function

The EasyWork Function generates a work coordinate system based on three points.
File Size: (ZIP) 501.48 KB