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Item Basic Model
5-axis model (1) 6-axis model
Model name of robot set (Note 2) VP-5243G VP-6242G
Model name of robot unit VP-5243GM VP-6242GM
Overall arm length 210 (first arm) + 220 (second arm) = 430 mm 210 (first arm) + 210 (second arm) = 420 mm
Arm offset - J3 (front arm) : 75 mm
Maximum motion area R = 500 mm (end-effector mounting face) R = 430 mm (Point P : J5, J6 center) R = 502 mm (end-effector mounting face) R = 432 mm (Point P : J4, J5, J6 center)
Motion angle J1:±160° J2:±120° J3:±136°-128° (No J4 axis) J5:±120° J6:±360° J1:±160° J2:±120° J3:±160°,+19° J4:±160° J5:±120° J6:±360°
Maximum payload 3kg (with wrist facing downward ±45°) (4) 2.5kg (with wrist facing downward ±45°) (5)
Maximum composite spide 3900 mm/s (at the center of an end-effector mounting face)
Position repeatability (3) In each of X, Y and Z directions : ±0.02 mm
Maximum allowable inertia moment Around J5 : 0.040 kgm2 Around J6 : 0.010 kgm2 Around J4, J5 : 0.030 kgm2 Around J6 : 0.007 kgm2
Position detection Absolute encoder
Drive motor and brake AC servomotors for all joints, Brakes for all joints
User air piping 4 systems (φ4x4)
User signal line 9 (for proximity sensor signals, etc.)
Air source Operating pressure 1.0 x 105Pa to 3.9 x 105Pa
Maximum allowable pressure 4.9 x 105Pa
Degree of protection IP30
Weight Approx. 13kg (29 lb.) Approx. 15kg (33 lb.)
  1. The 5-axis model has not the 4th-axis (J4).
  2. The model name of robot set refers to the model name of a complete set including a robot unit and robot controller.
  3. Position repeatability is the value at constant ambient temperature.
  4. Maximum payload capacity of 2.5 kg over ±45° (5-axis).
  5. Maximum payload capacity of 2.0 kg over ±45°(6-axis).