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Standard Components

Item Qty Item Qty
Robot unit 1 246__73x72 Robot controller 1
Power cable (5 m) 1 manuals Manuals ("Manuals Pack CD" and "Safety Precautions") 1
273__73x72 WINCAPS III trial version installer CD 1 Spare fuses for robot controller 3
Pendantless connector (Dummy connector) 1 Direction indicator label 1 1
warning_label Warning label 2 1 spare_ic Spare output IC for robot controller 1
dowel_pins Dowel pins (internally threaded positioning pin and diamond-shaped pin) 1 set short_sockets Short sockets for robot controller 1

Options for Signal Lines & Air Piping Option

Item Qty Item Qty
straight_plug Straight plug (for CN20) 1 cord_clamp Cord clamp (for CN20) 2 types; 1 each
l_shaped_plug_connector L-shaped plug connector (for CN21) 1 connector_pin Connector pin (for CN21) 10
fuse_board Fuse board (spare fuse for signal lines CN20-CN21) 1      

Options for Communication Interface Flange - A option

Item Qty
spare_fuse Spare fuse 1