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Group Item Qty
Robot & Accessories Robot unit 1
Motor & encoder cable (option) 1
User stay 1 2 set
Dowel pins (internally threaded positioning pin and diamond-shaped pin) 1 set
O-ring for robot mounting surface 1
Controller & Accessories Robot controller 1
Power cable (5 m) 1
Pendant-less connector (Dummy connector) (not contained in a UL-Listed robot system) 1
Software etc WINCAPS III trial version installer disk 1


"Manual Pack disk"(2 pcs.) and "Safety Precautions"

1 set
Precautions on hoisting a robot unit 1
Warning label (large. A4 size) 1
Warning label (small) 2
Caution label 1
High temperature warning label 1
Sheet of Direction indicator label 1
RANG label 1
  • NOTE怀When placing an order for UL-Listed robot systems, be sure to order the optional brake release unit and teach pendant or mini-pendant also which is essential to UL-Listed ones.