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USER MANUALS [Rev.2.073 (2019-04-01)]

[Original Instructions]

[Controller Software : Ver.2.7.*]

Thank you for purchasing DENSO Robotics.

Please thoroughly read and understand this manual prior to start operation to ensure the safe operation.

"Safety Precautions" includes the precautions regarding safety. Please read thoroughly before starting operation.

For details of the layout and structure of this manual and how to operate the browser, refer to How to Use this Manual.

Revision Number of Manual

A revision (Rev.) number is displayed in the heading line of the contents. Please inform us of the revision (Rev.) number when you contact us.

Category of Contents

Each manual is categorized as the following table.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Make it sure to read thoroughly for safe operation of the robot.
ROBOTS Contain manual for each robot. "Basic Knowledge of Robots" also summarizes knowledge necessary for understanding robots.
STARTUP MANUAL This is a manual for beginners of DENSO robot. This manual describes basic operations of major function and the way of programming. This also includes references of each manuals which are necessary for setup.
CONTROLLER & I/O Contain manuals relating to RC8 series robot controller and I/Os. It also contains manuals for each expansion board.
OPERATION GUIDE Contain operation manuals of the robot using teach pendant and mini pendant.
PROGRAMMING Contain manuals for functions and commands. It also contains manuals for how to use panel designer and provider.
OPTION Contain optional function manuals such as electric gripper or visual function. It also contains option part number lists.
ERROR CODE Contain the error code list.
PARAMETER LIST Contain the parameter list.
OTHERS Contain manuals for common contents which do not belong to any of the aforementioned categories.

ID : 6